Matteo Scarfò was born October 16, 1986. In 2006 he began to work as a production assistant at the Paco Film Production and in 2008 he published his first book of short stories, entitled Man eats Man.

In 2009 he was involved in two big projects: the first one was a film called The Last Gamble in which he worked as an assistant and boom operator, it was an American production filmed in New York and New Jersey, with John Savage, Nick Mancuso, Ray Abruzzo, Sally Kirkland and Steven Bauer, and directed by Joe Goodavage; the second one was filmed in Toronto and it was an action film called Death Warrior, directed by Bill Corcoran. That year Matteo also wrote, produced and directed a docudrama called Anna, Teresa and Resistants, dedicated to the famous Italian actress Academy Award Winner Anna Magnani .

In 2013 Matteo's first play, Sea of stones, made its debut in Rome. This new experience dealt with very dramatic stories of passed away people talking about their past. In 2014 he wrote along with director Giampaolo Abbiezzi the subject of a film called Stalking Eva, released in theaters in 2015. The film is a thriller with esoteric overtones that deals with the subject of violence against women.

In 2015 Bomb! Burning Fantasy is dedicated to the figure of Gregory Corso, one of the most important poets of the Beat Generation, played by Nick Mancuso.

In 2016 he completed his new feature film called The last sun of the night, a film inspired by the work of the British novelist James Ballard. In the first half of 2016 he also made a web series, called Roman Holidays: how to become Italian in 5 lessons, a very funny and romantic tale about two foreign students who come to Italy to study Italian.

On November 24, 2018, a first theatrical staging dedicated to the italian writer Anna Maria Ortese, called La Straniera (The Foreigner) was staged in Rome. In March 2019 he was called by Andrealberto Bettini's company to direct Sconosciuti (Strangers), an interpretation of Patrick Marber's drama "Closer", which was staged at the Agorà Theater in Rome from April 12 to 14. 

Shortly thereafter, he directed an episode of the collective film Death of the Ten Commandments by Davide Pesca and Francesco Longo. The episode is titled   Thou Shalt Sanctify the Holy Day, written by Mattia De Pascali as part of a horror re-reading of the Ten Commandments. Filming started on July 2019 near Rome. 

During the same period, Scarfò began filming the sci-fi short Pale Blue Dot - A tale of two stargazers, written by himself and produced by his company ScarFord and Francesco De Laurentiis and Joe Verni. Inspired by the novels of Isaac Asimov and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe revisited in a contemporary key, this short film deals with robotic consciousness, colonization of other worlds, an interstellar journey and environmental disasters. The protagonists are a robot from our days and a space traveller that has lost her way.

In recent years Matteo have also had the opportunity to experiment and express himself by making music videos for rock bands and folk singers. Moreover, he worked several times as an assistant director for indie documentaries and for the Italian public television.
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