Uomo mangia uomo

Uomo mangia uomo


Original title: Uomo mangia uomo

English title: Man eats man

Authors: Lucia Patrizi (Il Branco / The pack) - Matteo Scarfò (11 stories)

Bilingual edition: Italian, English.

Translator: Agnese Codebò

Forewords: Eros Puglielli, Andrea Frezza

Publishing company: La Mongolfiera

Cover design: Daniele Mezzetti

Genre: Fantastic

Edition year: 2008

Pages: 478 p., Hardcover

"The pack" by Lucia Patrizi: using the theme of the serial-killer, she analyzes the discomfort of a generation, that is the current one, left alone to itself, able to speak and act, but never to communicate.

"11" by Matteo Scarfò is a collection of sci-fi and horror short stories, united by a surreal and nonconformist tone.


01 January 2008


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